Our Story


Welcome to Our STORY.

We are a veteran, minority, and family owned small business founded in 2018 specialize in creating an unparalleled Story-telling experience through fashion by providing exclusive clothing that creates a look just as unique as your Story.

Each of us has a STORY that is uniquely ours. Take a moment relax and think about what part of your STORY has shaped who you have become, your character, and your beliefs

Co-founded by husband and wife, Nigeria and Brandon; and Inspired by the need to teach our children about many of the inspirational iconic figures of the community, we began researching clothing lines that told the Story of Our Community. We realize there was a need. Story Clothing was birth!! Our clothing speaks volumes. Each piece is customized made and intentionally sourced ; created to inspire.

 Your Story is not my Story and my Story is not your Story. But, you have one! Good, Bad, or Indifferent. It's Yours!

Find the beauty in your Story --.Embrace It, Own it, Wear It 

Happy Holidays from Our Story Family
To all our customers, thank you for your continued support during this ongoing COVID-19 situation this year. We are more than grateful! This pandemic has completely shifted things for some but there is something that doesn’t have to change.  Your FAITH. Continue to keep the faith; for having the ability to trust god through it all is what, can and will define the narrative to your Story.
XOXO-Your Story Family
Happy Holidays from our Story Family to Yours!




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