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Loving parents would like to be able to give their chid everything possible; right? Well, the one thing Black MOTHER'S & FATHER'S are not able to provide their children is the assurance of knowing that they are safe - all because they were born with a little more melanin in their skin. Black Families better known as "THE VILLAGE" have been battling the hurt and sadness of this truth for centuries. As we watch the narrative shift through protest and policy change. We must continue to keep our young men lifted in prayer. 

Because, we must protect our Black SONS at any cost.  

 What will your message be to the world? This beautiful family is writing and expanding on their STORY during a pandemic and during a time when black families are under attack but #LOvE WINS


Every STORY content will look different; however a very necessary part of any book is the AUTHOR and sometimes the CO-AUTHOR, often times there's a GHOSTWRITER who steps in and elevates the plot to the next level. Personally, I feel it's very important that every part of a STORY is found to be interesting, from the PREFACE or FOREWORD to the PROLOGUE  and EPILOGUE, because you never know where the reader  will begin and for that reason alone you will definitely want the ending to be good so that you leave a lasting impression with every person you reach 

Write your STORY.... then SHARE IT....  A Family Story

The Author & Ghostwriter

Author, Ghostwriter, Foreward, Prologue & Epilogue of the Story